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Younited Credit has generated more than € 10 million in 7 months since its launch in Germany

Younited Credit Germany, a expansion through France established Younited Credit, reports that have generated more than € 10 million in loans since its launch in February 2020. Younited Credit is a European online credit platform, certified by the French authority responsible for financial stability and customer protection (ACPR). It is a market lender where experienced investors can fund consumer loans. Younited Credit Germany says it has won a large number of customers since its market launch. Younited Credit is the only European consumer loan platform fully authorized and regulated as a credit institution. Younited reports that it has approved more…

Credit card scam by customers forces popular Korean restaurant into bankruptcy

Popular Korean restaurant Spoon by h says they are closing for good due to a customer credit card arrangement. Spoon by h was recognized by the Michelin Guide and regularly appears on best-of lists in town. The restaurant gained popularity after being tweeted by Chef David Chang. They were known for their knockout Pork Belly and Dumpling Soup, among other things. The owner, Yoonjin Hwang, told the LA Times that customers began fraudulently disputing charges with their credit card companies. According to the report, banks often side with the customers, and in this case, the restaurant pays the bill for…

Best Soft Pull Credit Cards | Bank interest

Soft pull credit cards are credit cards that do not require a hard credit check to open an account. With a soft pull credit card, a soft credit check, also known as a gentle pull or search- is all it takes to open an account.What is a soft pull and what are soft pull credit cards?There are two types of pulls or inquiries that can be performed on your credit check. A soft pull is a summary of your credit history to get a glimpse of your accounts, and does not affect your credit score. Soft pulls are usually performed…

The Experian site can give anyone your credit freeze PIN – Krebs on security

An alert reader recently drew my attention a free online service offered by Big-Three Credit Bureau Experian which allows anyone to request the personal identification number (PIN) required to unlock a consumer credit file previously frozen at Experian. Experian's page for requesting someone's credit freeze PIN requires little more information than has already been leaked by the big three agency Equifax and numerous other breaches. The first hurdle to immediately revealing someone's freeze PIN is to provide the person's name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number (all data that has been compromised 100 times in breaches, including in…

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