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The credit union plans to build a new facility at its well-known location in Dubuque

Two years after opening its first branch in Dubuque, Iowa's largest credit union plans to build a new facility in a busy part of the city.GreenState Credit Union will soon begin construction of a new facility at 1475 John F. Kennedy Road, which has long served as the site of Richardson Motors. Contractors recently demolished the old structure to make way for the new branch of the credit union.Jim Kelly, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for GreenState Credit Union, confirmed plans for the new location.“We've wanted to be physically present in Dubuque for a long time and the…

Reasons Why You Might Consider a Payday Loan – The Island Now

Wondering why people use payday loans and other types of short-term loans? Are you considering one yourself? Well, you've come to the right place. In recent years, payday loans have skyrocketed in popularity, and there are many reasons for this. Payday loans have a lot to offer to many different people. If you are in a particular situation, such as an emergency, payday loan can be a good option. Getting a personal loan is easy as the providers hardly check your credit score. While this is a good thing, critics say these loans are unfairly targeting minorities. This means that…

Four Smart Ways to Get Out of Debt

Tips for getting out of debt Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner, offers some constructive ways to pay off debt. TAMPA, Fla. Most of us are in financial trouble at some point in our lives. One day we look up and realize we are in debt. According to a recent study by Experianthe average American has $ 97,427 in total debt. For many, it is easy to go into debt, but when you get out, the challenges and frustrations become unbearable. We talked about it a few weeks ago some of the errors those people trying to get out of…

Credit card companies must open their wallets

American Express noted higher use of travel-related benefits in the fourth quarter of 2020. Photo: Jenny Kane / Associated Press Banks and credit card providers need consumers to make money. But they may also have to spend some money themselves. As credit measures continue to outperform feared, with delinquency rates still low and credit loss releases rising, investors seem to have found another reason to worry about banks: their non-interest charges. According to analysts at Goldman Sachs Group, fourth-quarter spending of the very largest banks as a percentage of revenue increased 3 points year over year on a median basis.…

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