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What should credit unions expect from a renewed federal focus on cybersecurity? Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock A president-to-be is always faced with new challenges, but arguably no administration has faced a more complex environment than the one the Biden team currently finds itself in. Chief among these is, of course, COVID-19, but the pandemic is far from the only pressing problem the administration needs to resolve. Cybersecurity has also become an increasingly important federal priority, in large part thanks to the recent SolarWinds attack. So far, the breach has affected up to 18,000 organizations, including government agencies and financial services providers, and more affected companies may be discovered in the coming months. The Biden…

WalletHub Survey: 47 Million Americans Expect to Miss a Credit Card Expiration Date by 2021 | Orange County Breeze

According to a new WalletHub credit card survey released today, 47 million Americans (nearly 1 in 5 adults) think they will miss at least one credit card expiration date by 2021. This indicates that cracks are beginning to appear in the basis of consumers' finances, under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and high household indebtedness. The average American household already owes $ 7,800 to credit card companies. In light of that, the WalletHub survey examined people's experiences with late payments and their attitudes towards the likelihood of future encounters. Main statistics More attempts at exemption than last year. Compared…

D. Hilton Associates Recruits Chief People Officer for Apple Federal Credit Union | Hunt Scanlon Media

September 9, 2019 - Executive search firms have stepped up efforts to help companies across the country find new Chief People Officers. The latest: Fairfax, VA-based executive search company D. Hilton Associates recently appointed Sharon Camper as chief people officer of Apple Federal Credit Union. Vice President Jessica Jarman led the assignment. "Sharon's experience and leadership skills make her ideal for the position of chief people officer at Apple Federal Credit Union," said Andrew Grimm, Apple Federal Credit Union president and CEO. "We are very pleased to welcome her on board and are delighted to see how the role will…

Are you going to withdraw money from credit cards? Beware of costs

Here are the fees that a credit card charges when withdrawing cash;Credit cards can be an extremely easy way to manage someone's finances, but at the same time, they can be very expensive and risky. For example, while it is easy and convenient to get cash with a credit card, it can be very expensive for you. Extra interest along with other costs such as processing fees, financing costs, cash advances, etc. do not make this a preferred option for people.Credit cards are known as an emergency line of credit and can be a financial safety net to cover unexpected…

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