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UK digital bank and online lender Zopa is starting to accept credit card applications

Based in the UK Zopa, a digital bank and online lender, has reportedly started accepting credit card applications as it continues to expand its range of products and services. The company offers a credit card with annual rates starting at 9.9%, but there is a representative APR of 34.9%. Customers have access to a minimum credit limit of £ 200 and a maximum of £ 1,500. Currently, Zopa's credit card is in soft launch and other features may be added later. The credit card can appeal to customers interested in applying for the card and managing their transactions through a…

Redeem points with a Chase credit card | The ascent

Chase has some of the best rewards credit cards from a card issuer. If you have one, you should know how to redeem points with a Chase credit card.Your redemption options depend on the Chase card you have. Here's a full rundown on the redemption process and which options will get you the most bang for your buck - or in this case, your Find Ultimate Rewards pointsRedeem points with a Chase credit cardAll Chase Rewards Cards are part of the Ultimate Rewards Program. You can redeem loyalty points on a Chase credit card through the Ultimate Rewards site. Here's…

Suspect in theft of cancer drugs, credit cards, and IDs back in prison for new theft charges

A 19-year-old suspected of stealing someone's cancer medication, a dozen credit cards, and multiple ID cards late last year has returned to prison for new theft charges. At around 11 p.m. on Feb. 15, a man reported that his 2020 Kia Rio had been stolen from a McDonald's parking lot at 2440 8th Ave. The man had the car run and unlock when he entered and came out to miss the car. He reported that there was a phone, a vape pen, and about $ 80 worth of marijuana in the car. At approximately 2:20 PM the next day, a…

Student loan payments are suspended. Here’s how to make the most of it

Millions of student loan borrowers received a welcome reprieve last month when President Joe Biden extended the suspension of payments and interest on federal student loans until Sept. 30.Jill Biden calls for free access to community college for COVID-19 economic recoveryThe payment freeze, which has been in effect since March, was set to end on January 31. That has given more than 20 million borrowers a break from paying student loans, while interest rates have remained at 0%.The suspension of payments, known as forbearance, has brought much-needed relief to those torn between staying on top of their student loan or…

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