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(***)What Is A Good Credit Card For First Time

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Boost your credit score in 2021 with these simple strategies

Try these tips for a whole year and you're sure to see your credit score rise.Handling money better is a common New Year's resolution, but ignoring your credit score is missing out on a huge opportunity to save yourself some money and qualify for better loans and credit cards when you need them. Keeping your credit score high is an important part of responsible money management, because lenders look at that number when they decide to approve you and what rate of interest to offer.How do you increase your credit score or keep it high? It's easier than you think…

Kinecta Federal Credit Union Holds 47th Annual Food Giveaway

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA - Kinecta Federal Credit Union raised more than $ 90,000 during the 47th annual Thanksgiving food giveaway, which helped more than 1,000 local families in need this holiday season, according to a press release.At a drive-up event held at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson on Nov. 22, families selected by nearly 40 community organizations received a bag of traditional Thanksgiving food and a $ 75 gift certificate to complete their holiday meal . "We are grateful to our employees, the community, corporate sponsors, members and individual donors who contributed more than $ 90,000 to help local…

2WTK: Paying off your vacation credit card debt may be easier than you think

GREENSBORO, NC - The holidays have just ended, but for many, credit card debt is still there. A Credit Card Insider survey found that as of the 2019 holiday season, 22% of people were still in debt. Today at 2 Wants to Know we spoke with Nathan Grant, senior analyst at Credit Card Insider, about how to get rid of your debt. One of the hardest things for credit card users to overcome is the interest rate on their card. Depending on the card company, those interest rates can be quite high. But there is a way to bring those…

Compass Federal Credit Union is set to reopen lobbying service from March 1

Image from Compass Federal Union website.OSWEGO - Compass Federal Credit Union will reopen the lobby service to members starting Monday, March 1. The Compass FCU headquarters, located at 131 George St. in Oswego, will follow normal business hours, while the Credit Union's new Fulton branch at 208 N. Second St. will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through with Friday and from 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday. The Compass branch in Hillside Commons, located at 7 Fourth Ave. in Oswego, will also reopen with normal business hours from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For…

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