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(***)Auto Loan Rates Fair Credit Score

(***)What Is A Good Percentage Rate For A Credit Card

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Best Fair Credit Credit Cards of February 2021 – NerdWallet

EDITORIAL CHOICES: BEST CREDIT CARDS FOR FAIR CREDITClick on the card name to read our review. Please check the details on the issuer's website before submitting your application.Our choice for: Flat-rate refundThis card for people with fair or "average" credit pays the same cash back rate as the regular Quicksilver card, which is aimed at those with excellent credit. The main difference is that this version charges an annual fee, while the regular version does not. Read our review.Our choice for: flexibilityThe $ 0-annual contribution Upgrade card is a cross between a credit card and a personal loan, and it…

Experian: Alternative Data Sets Critical to Modern Credit | Financial services (FinServ) | Fintech Magazine

With financial difficulties becoming a reality for millions, the credit industry could play a major role in healing COVID-19-affected economies. FinTech Magazine (FM) held a Q&A with (AL), Vice President of Data Business, Consumer Information Services at Experian North America, to find out how the credit ecosystem has evolved, what technologies are being used, and the importance of alternative data sets. FM: Describe your role at Experian. ALREADY: I joined Experian in 2012. In my role, I oversee product management with respect to Experian's traditional credit and alternative data assets, including, but not limited to, credit score models and tools.…

Credit Union Innovation Playbook – March 2021

Credit Union InnovationThe Credit Union Innovation Playbook: Touchless Payments Edition, a PYMNTS and PSCU collaboration, explores how Credit Union (CU) members' interest in and use of touchless technologies, such as contactless cards, mobile wallets, and QR payments. code has changed since the start of a pandemic. We surveyed a panel of 4,817 US consumers, 101 credit union decision-makers and 50 FinTech executives to discover how the increased demand for touchless technologies is reshaping CU's innovation landscape.In the March playbook:39 percent: Share of CU members who are "highly" or "extremely" interested in using contactless credit cards86 percent: Share of CUs that…

Check off the list: Credit union donation covers district wish list

Employees at the Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Fergus Falls branch were with their CEO, Dave Larson, at Kennedy Secondary School on Monday, October 14, to give the school district a donation to cover what was left of the Fergus Falls 544 Education Foundation Classroom Wish List, totaling about $ 7,500. They also brought Jimmy John sandwiches for staff members as part of their annual Plus It Forward Day.“Every year we have a day at Affinity Plus called 'Plus It Forward Day', kind of a 'pay it forward', kind of a game, and this year is our seventh year, so…

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