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(***)New Business Credit Cards With No Credit History

(***)How To Increase Credit Limit On Credit One Card

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Young people drown in debt: ‘don’t borrow from a recession’

Things have been going well for Tash Drujinin lately.A few months ago, the 29-year-old got a permanent job in financial services. When many thousands were fired by the pandemic, she was made final, and the security meant she could finally pay off the $ 20,000 she owed on credit card accounts and personal loans.It had taken a long time. While the country celebrated nearly three consecutive decades of economic prosperity, Drujinin had gone into debt in her early twenties to finance her escape from domestic violence.While Centrelink declined her Social Security application, her bank was willing to approve a $…

Mortgage lenders are getting tougher, but you still don’t need a perfect credit score of 850

Only 1.6% of the US population with a credit score has a perfect 850, but some experts say so only really need a 760 to qualify for the best rates on credit cards, car loans and mortgages. However, a representative from the mortgage lender states that you can do it anyway get a mortgage with a reasonable or average score, as long as you are employed.Since Congress passed the $ 2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, 4 million Americans (and still counting) have requested mortgage deferments in response to the economic impact. But despite the concerns, the real estate market is…

Why VA loan origination has skyrocketed despite COVID-19

Low interest rates and attractive loan features have veterans flocking to mortgage lenders.Despite a global pandemic that has shaken the country's economic base, the housing market is thriving. For example the VA loan a record 1.2 million loans in 2020 alone. That is up from 624,544 in 2019.To find out why, we reached out to Chris Birk, Vice President of Mortgage Insight and Director of Education for Veterans United Home Loans, the largest VA lender in the country. This is what we have learned.Attractive propertiesVA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), although they are issued…

Can you pay with a credit card with a credit card?

Taking credit card debt is a slippery slope. While there are many conventional solutions for handling large amounts of debt, it is important not to rule out other methods. By exploring new options, you can often find a better solution to the dilemma of your credit card debt. Main learning points:Credit card companies do not allow you to pay your existing balance with another credit card. Wire transfers, which can be used to move debt from one card to another at a lower interest rate, can be a good option for those with high credit card debt. Cash advances are…

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