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Key Senate Republican Blasts CFPB Management, Nominated | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock. Foreshadowing what the next four years are likely to look like, a senior Senate Republican attacked the management of the Biden administration's CFPB during the first month of his tenure. "As detailed in a series of recent statements, the Bureau appears to believe it can override and regulate jurisdictional boundaries without congressional approval, that the economy can easily tolerate additional regulatory pressure and that consumers can tolerate the resulting costs," said the Senate committee for banking. ranking Republican Sen. Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania wrote in a letter Monday to agency acting director Dave Uejio. Toomey expressed similar sentiments…

Best New Credit Cards Released in 2020

While new isn't always better, some of the credit cards launched in 2020 are best in class, whether you're looking for a lucrative, rotating cash back program (Chase Freedom Flex℠) or exchange rewards to pay off, save or invest loans (SoFi credit cardThis year also saw many big companies dive into the credit card space, including Verizon Venmo and Hotels.comThere are also cards for credit newbies and frequent fliers.CNBC Select covered a dozen new credit card launches, and we've rounded up some of our favorites below.Best New Credit Cards of 2020Chase Freedom Flex℠RewardsEarn 5% cash back on up to $…

Americans are pulling back on credit card loans

Parts Tweet Parts Parts Parts E-mailAmericans cut their credit card balances for the sixth consecutive month in August, the Federal Reserve System reported Wednesday (October 7).Revolving debt - primarily credit card debt - as reported by the central bank declined $ 9.4 billion in August from July. The figure is now at its lowest level since 2017. Economic forecasters questioned by Bloomberg had generally predicted an increase in credit card spending.In terms of lending, credit unions took a slightly higher share of total outstanding revolving debt in August compared to July. Finance companies held steady and banks saw a slight…

The Colorado regulator has denied the credit union’s bid to buy a bank

UPDATE: January 16, 2020: The Colorado Banking Board voted 7-1 on Thursday against a measure that allegedly made an offer from Elevations Credit Union to buy the assets of Cache Bank & Trust. The Colorado Bankers Association wrote a letter to the board Monday opposed the deal because credit unions cannot be “authorized purchasers” of banks, according to language in various Colorado statutes. Lawmakers should clarify or amend existing laws rather than let regulators decide how such acquisitions should go, Don Childears, CEO of the Colorado Bankers Association, wrote Monday. "You are asked to approve a sale to an ineligible…

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