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(***)Visa Credit Card For No Credit

(***)Best cashback credit cards no annual fee

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4 Ways To Get Maximum Value From Discover Cash Back Rewards |

[DISCLOSURE: Cards from our partners are mentioned below.] There are many cash back rewards programs out there so it's important to compare them and have a full understanding of what they all have to offer to make sure you find the one that's right for you. With that in mind, we thought we would break down what the Discover Cash Back Rewards program is all about and give you some insight into some of the ways cardholders can use the Discover Cash Back program so you can get the most out of your rewards. We will also mention some Discover credit…

Fund your secured credit card immediately, or you will lose it – NerdWallet

Getting a secured credit card is a great first step to improving your credit. In addition to offering you payment flexibility, a wisely used secured card can bring you closer to an unsecured credit card, one that does not require a security deposit.But many people who are approved for a secured card will lose it before the account is even officially opened. That's because they don't fund the card's security deposit within the required period and the issuer changes the status of their account from approved to rejected. The result: further damage to their creditworthiness.Here's how it happens and what…

Equifax: Housing market growth responsible for Canadians’ rising consumer debt

Continued growth of the housing marketAmong other things, total consumer debt in the third quarter rose 3.8% per year to $ 2,041 trillion, according to a new report from Equifax Canada. Every Canadian now has an average of $ 74,897 in consumer debt, which was 3.3% higher year over year. "Homebuyers are largely why we crossed the $ 2 trillion threshold," said Rebecca Oakes, assistant vice president of advanced analysis at Equifax Canada. Equifax data showed that the third quarter saw an annual increase of 6.6% in Canada's total mortgage balance and 8.6% in average new mortgage loans, which was…

19 Ways To Use Amex Platinum Card’s Monthly PayPal Credit To Save Up To $ 30 Every Month

This article is brought to you by the Personal Finance Insider team. It has not been rated, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of the listed issuers. Some of the offers you see on the page are from our partners, such as Citi and American Express, but our coverage is always independent. Conditions apply to the offers on this page.In January, The Platinum Card® from America to express rolled out what is arguably the most useful temporary credit we've added to a travel reward card since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. To kick off the new year, Amex said…

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