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(***)Covid-19 treatment

(***)Treatment for covid 19

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Hundreds of 911 calls come from rehab

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - The I-Team reported how River Oaks Residential Treatment Center in Riverview charged patients' insurance policies tens of thousands of dollars for frequent drug testing, potentially driving up insurance costs.But that's not the only problem.A former patient and a former manager say there are staffing concerns that could affect patient safety there.'We don't have fences. No fences. They can come and go as they please, ”said Mike Isom, former Director of Transportation and Safety at River Oaks Treatment Center.Isom said he often had to pick up patients who were running away."It's very frustrating," said Isom.The 140-bed center, owned…

Antibody treatment to keep high-risk coronavirus patients out of hospitals

ORANGE (CBSLA) - An infusion center was set up at UC Irvine Health in Orange, where nearly 200 newly diagnosed coronavirus patients came for special IV treatment. Doctors say in almost all cases the medication against monoclonal antibodies, or BAM, has kept some high-risk coronavirus patients out of the hospital. "We found that 97 percent in our latest data lockdown, 97 percent of patients never, 99 percent never got to the hospital," says Dr. Alpesh Amin, professor and chair of the UCI Medicine Department. As hospitals and ICUs continue to deal with large numbers of sick patients, one of the…

Dr. Kevin Dalby, UT Austin Professor, studies how stem cells cause and cure cancer

Scientists around the world dedicate their lives to the discovery of cancer treatments. They have found that gene mutations in the cells lead to abnormal cell growth and cause cancer. However, more research needs to be done to determine what causes the genetic mutations in the cells. Here, UT Austin professor Kevin Dalby discusses the recent research that answers the question: Can stem cells cause and cure cancer? Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) is a common growth factor used to expand stem cells. Researchers have found that FGF is beneficial for growing cancer stem cells obtained from brain and breast tumor…

Asthma treatment market report (2019-2027) focuses on research methodology, consumption and opportunities of top companies – NeighborWebSJ

Asthma Treatment Market The detailed Market Intelligence report on the Asthma treatment market applies the best of both primary and secondary research to weigh on the competitive landscape and the prominent market players that are expected to dominate the asthma treatment market for the 2019-2026 forecast period. The study not only scans the business profile of the major suppliers, but also analyzes their winning strategies to give business owners, stakeholders, and field marketing personnel a competitive advantage over others operating in the same space. A detailed review of key events such as acquisitions and mergers, collaborations, product launches, new entrants…

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(***)Covid-19 treatment

(***)Covid treatment news

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