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(***)How To Compare Car Insurance Prices

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Life insurance has become easier and cheaper to buy

You probably need life insurance if your death would cause someone else financial trouble. If the only coverage you have is through your job, you may not have enough.Fortunately, buying life insurance during the pandemic just got easier in some ways. Plus, coverage may be cheaper than you think.The rising COVID-19 death toll has caused more people to at least think about their life insurance needs, and many have taken action. One in four Americans who have life insurance say they bought or increased their coverage because of COVID-19, according to a NerdWallet poll conducted Oct. 29 to Nov. 2…

Car insurance premiums: Drive a lot when it comes to car coverage

Auto insurance premiums are finally falling after years of strong increases. But that doesn't mean you'll automatically get a better deal this year when it comes time to renew your coverage. The extension offer from your existing insurer is all too often a trial. Insurers use big data techniques to find out who they think accepts a higher quote. They also identify who will grumble about the higher cost of coverage, but do little about it. In other words, there is one prize for the smart drivers who look for the best coverage every year and another for those who…

Nikki Fried, USDA Hold Town Hall on Crop Insurance in Marianna

On Wednesday, Nikki Fried, Florida Agriculture Commissioner held a town hall meeting on crop insurance issues Chipola College in Marianna Fried was joined by Zoom through Zoom Acting Administrator Richard Flournoy of the Risk Management Agency (RMA) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other RMA senior and regional leaders to answer questions from agricultural producers about crop insurance and risk management. "Florida's farmers feed our families, our neighbors, our communities and the world - and in a year when having a safe, secure domestic food supply was more important than ever, Florida's farmers have been there, including…

Harvest insurance deadline is approaching in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming

BILLINGS, Mont. - USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) is reminding producers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming that the deadline to purchase or change crop insurance for spring-planted crops in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming is March 15 for the 2021 harvest year.Farmers must also notify their agent if they have planted winter wheat by this date in a province with only summer wheat.Federal crop insurance is critical to the farm's safety net. It helps producers and owners manage income risks and strengthens the rural economy. Producers can choose from a variety of coverage options, including…

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