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Travelers Post Solid Quarter as Revenue Season Begins; insurance stocks are slipping

The first major insurance companies to report fourth-quarter 2020 earnings highlighted a week in which insurance stocks lost ground, but the broader market rose as a new presidential administration took office. The S&P 500 climbed 1.94% to 3,841.47 for the week ending January 22, while the SNL US Insurance Index fell 0.93% to finish at 1,208.96. Joe Biden's inauguration as the 46th President of the United States passed off without incident on January 20. While Biden's early days were filled with a wave of executive action, evidence suggests that his pledge to raise corporate taxes on 'day one' of his…

What do car insurance numbers mean?

If you've taken the time to research the car insurance card that you are required by law to have with you, you may have noticed your car insurance numbers. This is a series of numbers separated by backslashes. Yours might look like this: 25/50/25. You can tell at a glance that these auto insurance numbers are not a date. What these numbers actually represent are the limits of your coverage. This article will help you understand what these numbers mean and look at the minimum auto insurance requirements by state. Once you know your auto insurance numbers, you can decide…

Best Low Cost Flood Insurance Options in 2021 • Get quotes with Benzinga

Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters. Not only can the power of water destroy your property, but the wet environment can lead to mold growth after a flood. Most homeowners or renter insurance does not cover flood damage - even if you live in an area prone to water. Flood insurance is the only coverage you can pay for a repair - it is usually inexpensive. Look for flood insurance if you're concerned about weather-related water damage. Benzinga's guide will help you find the best cheap flood insurance. Best Cheap Flood Insurance: Best for Flexible Flood Insurance…

Do you want extra money in your pocket? Try to save on auto insurance

When it comes to saving money, it helps to cut smaller expenses that add up over time, such as frequent lunch appointments, unused gym memberships, or online subscriptions. But if you really want to make a dent in your budget, you need to think bigger.How big? Remember, after a house, a car is the most expensive many people will ever buy, and cars need insurance. And you need that insurance if, for example, you injure someone in an accident or damage their car, or if your own car is stolen or damaged in bad weather. Should such an incident occur,…

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