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Year of Free Credit Report Monitoring is coming to an end. Here’s what to do now. (Published in 2019)

An Equifax spokeswoman, Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, said Equifax would continue to offer credit monitoring tools to consumers but had a "strategic relationship" with Experian to provide a year of free credit monitoring to violate victims through IDnotify.It's unclear how many people might be affected by the lockout issue. Ms. Bistritz-Balkan declined to say how many consumers signed up for free credit monitoring after the breach, which compromised the personal information, including social security numbers, dates of birth and other sensitive details, of more than 145 million people.Edward Steen, a retired New York patent attorney, said he signed up for the free…

Have you incurred holiday debt? Refinancing can help you pay it off

If you're in debt as of 2020, here's a cost-effective way to go about it.Maybe the corona pandemic inspired extra generosity over the holidays, so you went a little overboard with gifts. Or maybe you made last-minute travel plans that made you pay more for your flight than what your salary could cover.There are many people on it blame for the holidayIf you're one of them, know that the sooner you pay it off, the less money you'll waste on interest charges. Also, carrying too much credit card debt can hurt your credit score - bad news if you're planning…

Gephardt: How One Missed Payment Can Lower Your Credit Score by 100 Points

SANDY, Utah Missing a payment in your accounts is a stressful experience, so many will use automatic payments to avoid that. But it's even more stressful when the lender misses the payment. When it happened to a Sandy man, his credit rating plummeted. And when he could not get the company to reason, he decided to contact the KSL Investigators. To make sure he never missed a payment on his Toyota Prius, Mark Scoville set up automatic payments with his lender. In six years that he made those payments, he could not miss a single payment. Mark Scoville said his…

What is a good credit score?

Generally, the credit bureaus consider anything above 670 a good credit score. If your score is 671 or higher, you are doing pretty well. The best credit score and the highest possible credit score is 850 for both FICO┬« and VantageScore models. FICO considers a score between 800 and 850 as "exceptional", while VantageScore considers a score above 780 as "excellent". It is possible to get a credit score of 850, but it is difficult to achieve. In this piece FICO and VantageScore credit score chartsWhat credit scores meanDo lenders prefer FICO or VantageScoreWhat makes a good credit scoreWhat else…

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