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Coingate: Steps to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

You can buy Bitcoin, but it's not as easy as providing the site with your credit card information. offers you the possibility to buy the bitcoin with your own debit card and ensure the privacy of all your sensitive data. A few years ago, buying Bitcoin with credit cards was incredibly difficult. In 2021, many companies have made the process easyHere are the three steps to buy BTC with a credit card: Make sure your credit card is active: Before initiating a transaction, make sure your card is active. It must also support the purchase of Bitcoins. Visa and…

Liz Weston: Credit cards are a more flexible source of credit than mortgages

Dear Liz: You're not a fan of prepaying student loans in most cases because the extra money sent to lenders is "gone forever" - it's not like credit cards, where paying off a balance can free up some of the credit limit to be used again. But what's wrong with paying off a primary mortgage? That can create more equity against which people can borrow.Answer: Perhaps. To tap into that equity without selling the home, you need the cooperation of a lender, who isn't always available when you're in a financial emergency. For example, if you lose your job, a…

A credit card should build credit, not create debt

DEAR MARY: My 30-year-old son-in-law needs a credit card so he can buy tires for his truck. Every time he applies for a card, he is refused. He has no credit and must start building credit. He's tried Orchard Bank, but their cards come with an annual fee. Can you suggest a map? - CentBEST PENNY: I can tell him how to do this, but I have to say it bothers me to do that. If you said he needed a credit card to start building his credit file (which he does, and he's about 10 years late), that would…

Experian gives Monzo customers a (credit score) Boost – AltFi

Digital banking Put that Netflix subscription to work.Image Source: Experian.Experian's Open Banking powered Boost feature made headlines when it launched in the UK last year, allowing consumers to include Netflix, Amazon and Spotify subscriptions in their credit scores. Now it is available for Monzo customers too. The credit rating agency said yesterday it has reached a partnership with Monzo to enable the connection needed to check the credit scores of Monzo customers, they must sign up. As a reminder, Boost can improve a person's credit score by up to 66 points based on regular monthly payments such as city tax…

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