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The accused murderer used the alleged victim’s credit card at the casino, the court said

A father of two who left the country after allegedly dumping a man's body in Sydney Olympic Park later used the victim's credit card at a US casino, the NSW Supreme Court heard today.Mario Phetmang, 33, disappeared after leaving the gas station in South Hurstville in May 2018.A truck driver discovered his body 10 days later wrapped in a plastic mattress topper on the side of Homebush Bay Drive.Alex Dion has been charged with the murder of Mario Phetmang. (9News)Police arrested 40-year-old Alex Dion in California a year later, and he was extradited from the US before being charged with…

Should you use a credit card loan? WTOP

If you need money for an upcoming release or are struggling to make ends meet because of the coronavirus, then you ... If you need money for an upcoming expense or are struggling to make ends meet because of the coronavirus, your credit card can offer a hybrid type of loan that can help. A credit card loan does not require a credit check or application, removing some of the traditional borrowing barriers and allowing you to pay in installments. But before you opt for a credit card loan, weigh the pros and cons first. What is a credit card…

As an authorized user, does it help to build up credit?

There are many ways to build your credit when starting from scratch or trying to recover from past financial mistakes. One strategy that could help you is to become an authorized user in someone else's credit card account. A recent survey found that nearly half of authorized users had a credit score of 680 or higher - a score considered good, according to Experian. But while the authorized user strategy works well for many consumers, it is not always as simple as it may seem. Piggybacking on someone else's credit card can help you build credit, but sometimes it doesn't…

15 car loans for good and bad credit – NerdWallet

LightStream - Purchase LoanBest for automatic purchase6602.99 - 9.99%$ 5,000- $ 100,000Capital One - Purchase LoanBest for automatic purchaseNo2.99 - 24.99%$ 4,000 - $ 75,000MyAutoloan - Purchase LoanBest for automatic purchase5752.05 - 24.90%$ 8,000- $ 99,000Consumers Credit Union - Purchase Loanon the Consumers Credit Union websiteBest for automatic purchase6202.69 - 21.24%$ 5,000 - $ 75,000Carvana - Loan for saleBest for online purchase and financingNo3.90 - 27.90%$ 1,000 - $ 85,000Vroom - Loan for saleBest for online purchase and financingNoN / A$ 5,000- $ 100,000LightStream - Refinance LoanBest for auto loan refinancing6602.99 - 9.99%$ 5,000- $ 100,000MyAutoloan - Refinance LoanBest for…

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