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Catch investigators nationwide synthetic ID fraud involving several CUs | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock. Federal and New York police officers charged 13 individuals and three companies in a nationwide scheme that created synthetic identities to fraudulently obtain more than $ 1 million in loans and credit cards from 10 credit unions and nine banks. Investigators last week publicly released a 108-count indictment after a two-year investigation involving New York, California law enforcement officials, the Secret Service, and other agencies such as the U.S. Postal Inspectorate, the Social Security Administration, and all three credit bureaus. Persons involved in the scheme are said to have created synthetic identities by associating a stolen Social Security…

This Week In Credit Card News: Are Swipe Fees Increasing? Will Biden close down credit bureaus?

Covid-19 Shopping makes card costs a greater burden on merchants Visa and Mastercard plan to increase swipe fees on some types of credit card purchases in April, adding to the pressure felt by restaurants, retailers and other merchants already struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the shift of customers to online shopping during the pandemic also creates additional costs for merchants. Swipe fees, which merchants pay when a customer pays with a card, are often higher for online purchases. [The Wall Street Journal] Will the pandemic cause interchange fees to increase? getty Biden wants to close down credit bureaus.…

Some Equifax credit file locks have expired. Yours?

Remember how Equifax reacted to it huge data breach in 2017, the one who disclosed the personal information - including Social Security numbers and dates of birth - of more than 146 million Americans? It offered victims free enrollment in the "TrustedID Premier" program to check their credit and lock their Equifax credit file.Those who took advantage of this offer may not realize that their free TrustedID Premier subscription ended on January 31st. On that date, those Equifax credit reports are unlocked.Subscribers received a free one-year extension of locking and monitoring through Experian's "IDnotify" program. The email alerts that Equifax…

Bad Credit Cards – Macy’s, Gap, Neiman Marcus Let You Buy Now, Pay Later | Fintech Zoom – World Funding

Bad Credit Cards - Macy's, Gap, Neiman Marcus let you buy now, pay later Traditional retail chains like Macy's Inc., which derive much of their income from shoppers paying with a store credit card, are making way for a less lucrative customer: buy now, pay later. The emerging payment option is a modern take on old-fashioned layaway plans, allowing shoppers to pay for purchases over time. The difference is that they get the goods in advance. Chains from Macy's to Gap Inc. to Neiman Marcus Group Inc. have introduced buy now and pay later options in recent months to attract…

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