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President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (Photo by Toni L. Sandys / The [+] Washington Post via Getty Images) The Washington Post via Getty Images If there is a plan to cancel student loans, are you eligible for student loan forgiveness? Not necessary....
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We believe MDC Holdings (NYSE: MDC) can control its debt

Legendary fund manager Li Lu (who was backed by Charlie Munger) once said, "The biggest investment risk is not price volatility, but whether you suffer a permanent loss of capital." So it can be obvious that you have to consider debt when you consider how risky a particular stock is because too much debt can sink a company. We can see that MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE: MDC) uses debt in his business. But should shareholders be concerned about using debt? When is guilt dangerous? In general, debt only really becomes a problem when a company cannot pay it off easily,…

‘Loan forgiven but no information’, father-son of farmers dies of suicide; note the Center blames, state administration

Two days after a father-son duo from the village of Mohadipur in Hoshiarpur died of suicide, the focus is back on Punjab's debt cancellation for farmers, with both entitled to relief that never reached them. On Friday night, farmers Jagtar Singh Bajwa, 70, who had remained unanimously sarpanch of his village for twenty years and is currently numberdar (second headman) of the village, and his son, Kirpal Singh Bajwa, 40, had died by suicide. Both Kirpal and Jagtar were regular participants in the ongoing peasant protest, and the son's suicide note blamed the Center's Narendra Modi government for the extreme…

Newsmakers: Week of February 22, 2021 | Texas attorney

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This is why Suny Cellular Communication (TLV: SNCM) can responsibly manage its debt

Warren Buffett once said, "Volatility is far from synonymous with risk." So it seems like the smart money knows that debt - which is usually involved in bankruptcy - is a very important factor when judging how risky a business is. We can see that Suny Cellular Communication Ltd. TLV: SNCM) uses debt in his business. But the most important question is: how much risk does that debt cause? When is guilt dangerous? Debt helps a business until it struggles to pay it off, either with new capital or with free cash flow. An essential part of capitalism is the…

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