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Houston Woman Charged: Received $ 3.6 million in PPP loans and reportedly spent on luxury personal items

MadameNoire Featured Video Source: IronHeart / Getty A Houston woman has been federally charged with receiving more than $ 3.6 million through Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and allegedly spending the money on a variety of high-value personal purchases. Under the CARES Act, 37-year-old LaDonna Wiggins filed two PPP loans for her companies Wiggins & Graham Enterprise LLC and Pink Lady Line. After being approved, court documents state that Wiggins received $ 3,648,145 in loans - which are allocated by the government to small businesses to be used for things like paying their employees and keeping their businesses afloat. “Being…

Student loan forgiveness does not solve the problem of useless degrees

Student loans are annoying. In America they amount to $ 1.5 trillionThat dizzying total is roughly held in hand 45 million Americans, including me. It is more than fair to mention the mess that we are in crisis. But solutions will not be found by forgiveness of student debt by the government.I have attended Regent University, a private school in Virginia, knowing that the cost would be higher than attending a public school in my home state of Minnesota or studying at a community school for two years and living at home before moving elsewhere. I also knew I would…

Anyone should not be forgiven for student loan

President-elect Joe Biden (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images) Getty Images Everyone will really get it student loan forgiveness? Here's What You Should Know. Student grants There is a growing phone call to cancel student grants for any student loan borrower. Proponents say canceling student loans will save a generation from significant debt for each borrower, allow them to buy a home, save for retirement, reduce racial and social inequality, and help boost the economy. Supporters want Congress to pass the Heroes Act - the $ 3 trillion stimulus package that House Democrats passed in May, but which is…

What is a CD loan?

Since this type of personal loan secured by the money on your CD, it is considered less risky for banks. The bank uses the annual percentage yield (APY) from your CD, which measures the amount of interest you earn annually, to calculate the interest rate on the loan. Banks typically add a minimum of 2% to 3% interest on top of your APY. However, the rate you receive depends on your credit.Suppose your CD has an APY of 1% and the bank calculates the CD loan rates by adding 3% above that rate. That would mean your CD loan rate…

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