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Buying a house is a major investment. To protect your new home, it is important to get homeowner insuranceBasic insurance covers your home and your belongings against damage and destruction.

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Best Homeowners Insurance in Ohio

If you own your home, Ohio law does not require you to insure it; however, your mortgage banker can do this and it is a good idea to have Ohio home insurance. Ohio has one home ownership of 68.2%, putting the state slightly above the national average of 64.8%. In 2020, the average home insurance costs Ohio was $ 872, putting Ohio homeowners well below the national average price of $ 1,477 for the same year. You can find more in-depth information at it Ohio insurance departmentWhen looking for the best homeowners insurance Ohio, consider the various environmental factors that…

Best Homeowners Insurance in Arizona 2021

Arizona's unpredictable weather and wide range of geological settings, from arid plains to tall, snow-capped mountains, make it essential that you have solid home insurance if you live in the state. The home owner rate is almost 65%, and the average Arizona homeowners insurance policy costs $ 1,304 per yearWhile Arizona only gets an average of 12 inches of rain per year, a common home insurance claim is flash flooding, especially in the desert areas of the southern part of the state. Fire and lightning are generally the most expensive claims, and wind and hail storms are also a common…

The cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is on the rise as early as 2021

Homeowner insurance rates are up more than 34% in the state from 2016 to the present - the highest in the nation. Florida home insurance companies have started filing rate increases for 2021. Allstate, for example, plans to increase its rates by 13.8% in the new year. As tariff changes roll in throughout 2021, the record-breaking hurricane season that hit the state last year could mean many homeowners will see higher rates. Florida home insurance rates had already risen sharply. As of 2016, the cost of insurance for Florida homeowners has averaged 32.5%For context, coverage costs increased by an average…

The Best Home Insurance Companies in Connecticut of 2021

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or have owned a home for many years, there is no denying that owning your home has its advantages. Being a home owner has a number of advantages that you as a tenant do not have, such as more flexibility, higher cost savings and more privacy. But owning a home comes with additional responsibilities, such as buying homeowner insurance to protect your belongings from damage and theft.In Connecticut it is percentage of home ownership is about 65.8 percent, which is slightly higher than the US average of 63.9 percent. However, the average value of a…

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