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More Americans Report Pandemic Hardship | Credit Union Times

According to a TransUnion report released Wednesday, the number of Americans reporting financial hardship from the pandemic has increased in the past month, with lower-income households experiencing more setbacks. In its latest Financial Hardship Study, based on an online survey of 3,100 adults conducted Nov. 30, the Chicago credit rating agency found that 57% of respondents said that financially affected by COVID-19, the number has increased for the second month in a row. The gap between income groups is widest since March. The percentage of lower-income adults (those earning less than $ 50,000 a year) reporting the impact of the…

Earned Income Credit Table: Find out if you qualify

Tip Ranks3 Shares blinking signs of strong insider buyingIf an individual investor wants to beat the market, you need a head start. Investment strategies come in different forms and you can rely on a variety of factors to achieve the end goal of a high return. Whether it's following analyst reviews, emerging catalysts or recognizing the latest moving market trends. There is another option: follow the signal of those in the know: the insiders of the company. These are the business leaders whose role gives them both access to often-privileged information about business plans and finances, and the experience needed…

What to consider when applying for your first credit card

Whether you are ripe age of 18 (the minimum age required to get a credit card) or if you're in your late 20s and just starting your credit journey, there are a handful tips for newbies to credit.While these advices, such as paying your bill on time and in full, using very little of your credit limit, and constantly checking your credit card charges, are all important notes, there are some factors to consider before you even take a swiping motion. your first card.Below, CNBC Select assesses what you should pay attention to when applying for your first credit card…

Find out how to get free eBook credit now

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