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While credit has increased Americans' purchasing power - allowing them to buy homes, cars, and other goods - it has also normalized debt in the US. From November 2020, consumer debt is on $ 14.2 trillion, with Americans with an average personal debt of $...

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GreedyRates Canadian Expenditure Report Reveals Large Household Debt Amid Rising Living Costs

Tip RanksJP Morgan says these 3 gold stocks could rise 40% (or more)Let's talk about gold. The precious metal is the traditional investment in a safe haven, supported by its use - which began 5,000 years ago - as a reliable store of value. Investors looking to protect their portfolios and safeguard their assets traditionally bought heavily in gold, and the gold price was sometimes used as a (albeit the reverse) measure of general economic health. In a recent report, investment firm JP Morgan took a long look at the state of the gold industry, particularly the gold mining industry.…

Debt Consolidation Market analysis of the industry, revenue, share, growth rate and forecast through 2025

Debt Consolidation Market analysis of the industry, revenue, share, growth rate and forecast through 2025 The report aims to provide a clear picture of the current scenario and future growth of the global debt consolidation market. The report provides a rigorous analysis of the global market by taking an in-depth look at various factors of the debt consolidation market, such as vital segments, regional market conditions, market dynamics, investment suitability and major players operating in the market. In addition, the report provides keen insights into current and future trends and developments in the global debt consolidation market. The main focus…

Medical Debt: What It Is and How to Deal With It

It's one of the biggest financial problems for millions of Americans. Medical debt is when you can't pay your medical bill by its due date, and it can wreak havoc on your savings and your mental health.YOU can get out of medical debt, no matter how hopeless your situation feels. Millions of people before you did it, and you can do it too. Here's how.What is Medical Debt?Medical debt refers to any balance you owe from health care that you cannot pay by the due date.According to a study56% of Americans have experienced financial difficulties due to medical bills. According…

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy: Which Is Right for You?

Considering debt consolidation versus bankruptcy can feel like choosing between a bad apple and a bad banana. Both will turn your stomach.But making the right choice between these two options can help you feel a lot better about your finances. Here's what you need to know about the basics of debt consolidation and bankruptcy.Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy: The BasicsMain Pros and Cons of Debt ConsolidationMajor pros and cons of bankruptcy filingDebt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy: Which Is Better for You?Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy: The BasicsDebt consolidation refers to taking on new debt to cover your old debt.For example, you can borrow…

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