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5 Credit Card Red Flags to Avoid

For starters, if the card also charges an annual fee, it often means you have to deduct that amount to determine your actual credit limit. For example, if you're approved for a $ 300 credit limit on a card with a $ 50 annual fee, your initial credit limit is really $ 250 until you pay that fee. In essence, you are immediately in debt and have lost about 17% of your credit limit before even using the card for the first time.A low credit limit can also affect your credit utilization ratio, which is an important factor in your…

Coronavirus crisis capitalizes on the strengths of secured credit cards

With the COVID-19 health pandemic wreaking havoc on jobs, investment, consumer debt and credit, secured credit cards can fulfill a vital need for people who may not have thought of the product in the past.Even before the coronavirus started its global spread, the secured credit card was already going through a kind of renaissance. Secured cards are for people with poor or sparse credit and require a security deposit to establish their spending limit. Because the borrowers were seen as risky, secured credit cards once had a shady reputation.But secured credit cards found a distinct niche after the 2009 CARD…

CFPB report shows credit applications dropped significantly in March 2020

According to a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Consumer Credit Panel ("CCP"), claims for consumer credit have fallen significantly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To reach this conclusion, the CCP assessed the data in a nationally representative sample of approximately five million anonymised credit records received from one of the national consumer information agencies ("CRAs"). "The data includes information about the credit accounts in each consumer's credit record (such as auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and other installment bank loans)." The sample also includes information about any credit requests from lenders in response…

Aspire Platinum Mastercard Review: A balance transfer credit card for the budget conscious consumer

The Discover itĀ® balance transfer offer is currently not on the market.Transferring your credit card debt to a card that offers 0% APR on balance can be a huge money saver. But the best balance transfer cards usually require good or excellent credit, leaving some behind when it comes to taking advantage of these 0% APR opportunities.An exception is the Aspire FCU Platinum MastercardĀ®as applicants with reasonable credit may be eligible.With no interest for the first six months on balance transfers and new purchases, as well as a relatively low standard variable APR (9.65% to 18.00%), this federal credit union…

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