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Man pleads guilty to ATM skimming against the Navy’s Federal Credit Union

Aurel Eremia pleaded guilty to two charges related to a plan in which he installed skimming devices on card readers and stole NFCU customers' bank details. NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A Romanian man pleaded guilty to a plan to place card-reading equipment on various ATMs at Navy Federal Credit Union locations. Court documents say that 43-year-old Aurel Eremia and several other people he conspired with made an attempt to install a portable card reader and micro camera equipment in and above the mouths of NCFU card readers and keyboards. They used those skimming devices and camera equipment to record and…

Capital One is starting to raise credit limits in the pursuit of growth

(Bloomberg) - Capital One Financial Corp. has begun to lift credit limits for certain customers as it seeks to resume the growth of its sprawling credit card business.Increases will be offered to existing clients with both prime and subprime credit scores, Chief Executive Officer Richard Fairbank said at a virtual investor conference Wednesday. The company continues to distribute smaller lines of credit to new customers.Capital One, the third largest credit card issuer in the US, was one of the first banks to lower credit limits last year when unemployment claims soared during the Covid-19 crisis. In recent years, the company…

Identity thief opens multiple credit cards in Dearborn Heights man’s name

A credit check recently revealed that two years ago three credit cards were fraudulently obtained in the name of a 40-year-old man from Dearborn Heights.The victim reported on Feb. 19 that credit cards were opened at Chase, Citibank and Capital One. He didn't know how much had been charged or on what dates. He was advised to provide additional information to police officers when he learns more.

How bad is the microplastic problem of PA? It’s like eating a credit card every week

Environmental activist group PennEnvironmnent recently led one survey of Pennsylvania's most popular waterways - from the three Pittsburgh rivers to the Susquehanna and Lackawanna - look for the presence of microplastics. "And unfortunately the results were astonishing," said Faran Savitz, conservation officer at PennEnvironment, at a Zoom press conference on Wednesday. “In total we collected more than 300 water samples from 53 waterways and we found microplastics in every waterway from east to west and north to south, from the smallest, most pristine stream to the largest lakes and rivers in Pennsylvania. " What does it mean to us? "You…

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