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(***)HSBC travel credit card

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10 Benefits of a Secure Credit Card – TechStory

Almost four in ten consumers are plagued by a lack of credit history or an insufficient credit score. A significant 39% of the US population has credit scores of 669 or less. This puts millions of people in subprime and risky categories, making it difficult for them to get a credit card. Credit cards, while not necessary, offer significant benefits. That is why so many people carry them in their wallets and rely on them to make purchases. After all, credit cards enable cashless transactions and make online ordering easier. They can also provide protection and perks. But how do…

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students 2020 Review

Earning rewards The Bank of America Cash Rewards Student Credit Card offers up to 3% cash back on your expenses. Each month, you can choose which of the six categories earn 3%: gas, online shopping, restaurants, travel, drug stores, or home improvement / furnishing. Plus, your spending at supermarkets and wholesale clubs will earn you 2% cash back. These cash back categories are limited to a combined $ 2,500 in expenses per quarter. All other purchases earn 1% cashback. If you maxed out the 3% category every quarter, you would earn $ 300 cash back per year. As a student,…

Small banks are rolling out new PPP loans; many more will be added next week

For some community lenders, the past week has been spent processing new and secondary Paycheck Protection Program small business loans.For most banks and credit unions, the real crush is about to begin."I expect it to be extremely busy Tuesday," said Laurel Flynn, vice president of corporate lending at Achieva Credit Union in Dunedin. “Everyone is very excited that the program will be rolled out again. We have many people who are eager to apply and start their application, especially for that second draw. "Related: More PPP loans are coming. Here's how your business can get a second.After a day-long rollout…

Credit unions bring digital technology

Parts Tweet Parts Parts Parts E-mailCredit unions have never strayed far from their original value proposition. By their very nature they were built by the people and for the people, and have used that spirit to compete with larger banks. And during the pandemic, that spirit of "people helping people" worked in their favor. Like a recent CU blog post stated, “While major banks put their wealthiest customers first during the first incentive check rollout, credit unions were there to support their members with interest and fee cutting and financial wellness tools. Our members will not forget that; but it…

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