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The American challenger bank Chime launches Credit Builder, a credit card that works more like a debit: TechCrunch

The American challenger bank Chime, now worth $ 5.8 billion, enters the credit card market with today's launch of a new card designed to help consumers build their credit history through daily transactions. With the Chime Credit Builder Visa credit cardUsers can control how much they want to spend by transferring money from a “Spending Account” to their Credit Builder Secured Account, and then charge up to this amount wherever Visa is accepted. This makes the card feel more like a debit card as it is tied to how much cash is in a user's bank account, rather than a…

Chartway plans to merge with the Church Credit Association

As part of Chartway, Saint Matthew's members would have access to several new amenities including: a larger branch network, drive-through counters and ATMs, a customer service center, more hours, mobile and online banking, mobile payments, mobile deposits and a digital wallet.

Should you get a holiday loan?

Editor's Note: Forbes may earn a commission on sales through affiliate links on this page, but that will not affect the opinions or evaluations of our editors. Getty Pandemic or not, families still want to celebrate the holidays with food and gifts. Last year, Americans spent more than $ 730 billion in vacation-related purchases, according to the National Retail Federation. This year, Christmas shopping is not expected to hurt. According to the consulting firm Deloitte, retail sales will even increase by at least 1% in 2020. Still, millions of Americans have claimed unemployment, worked fewer hours, or been given leave.…

US News Reveals Best Travel Credit Cards 2021

The US News & World Report announced the winners of the Best Credit Cards Awards, which highlight several key travel-related categories.According to the official website from US News was one of the top categories for the airline's 2020 best credit card award, which was won by the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The card is considered well-rounded with a reasonable annual fee.TO ADVERTISE Trending now The Capital One Venture Rewards card has won three US News Best Credit Cards Awards of 2020 in the Travel, Rewards and Airlines categories. The card offers two miles for every dollar spent and provides an…

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