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So you have frozen your credit files. Here are tips on how to undo them. (Published in 2018)

The third agency, Experian, still needs a PIN to clear a freeze."We have maintained this because it provides a level of security that the consumer can control," said a spokesman, Greg Young, in an email.To lift a freeze, consumers enter personal information on the Experian website, as well as their PIN. If consumers lose their PIN, Mr. Young, they can complete an online process to get a new one.Here are some questions and answers about security vulnerabilities:How can I make sure my blocking funds password is secure?Passwords are generally more secure than PINs, says Lorrie Cranor, a professor of computer…

Elevations opens a credit unions branch at Boulder Community Health

Elevations Credit Union has opened a new branch in Boulder Community Health's Della Cava Family Medical Pavilion at 4865B Riverbend Road. The branch offers a full range of financial services, including personal and business accounts, auto loan applications, personal loans and credit cards, and account maintenance including account transfers, balances, statements and research, according to an Elevations press release. "We are honored to be the trusted financial services provider for BCH workforce and to support the financial health of a team that does so much for the health of our community," Gerry Agnes, CEO of Elevations said in a prepared…

How to pay for your mortgage with a credit card

There are a number of reasons why consumers may want to pay for their mortgage with a credit card - at least for a while. In times of financial hardship, paying for a mortgage with a credit card can help you buy some time and even give you the option to pay off a single mortgage payment over several months. Not only that, but paying for a mortgage with a credit card can be the ticket to raking in a ton of rewards - or even earning a significant welcome bonus that you wouldn't normally earn from regular spending. Unfortunately,…

The 5 biggest benefits of Discover credit cards

If you are looking for the most customer-friendly credit cards, Discover is hard to beat. It is one of the most loved card issuers and consistently ranks at or near the top in customer satisfaction reports.Why is Discover so popular with consumers? The answer is the combination of great benefits Discover credit cards valuable and accessible to everyone.1. Discover credit cards do not charge an annual feeWith Discover you can be sure that you are not paying all kinds of fees. All his cards are credit cards with no annual feeYou can choose any card in the range without worrying…

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