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Broadband credit score error ‘cost me £ 3,500’

Omar says Virgin Media's mistake damaged him "financially, emotionally and mentally."Omar Khalid says a mistake by his broadband company Virgin Media tainted his credit score for years and cost him thousands of pounds."The effect it has had on me has been significant. I can't tell you how much stress, how much anxiety there is for me on a daily basis."Virgin Media has apologized and says it plans to work with Mr. Khalid to "find a solution."This all started in early 2018 when Mr. Khalid canceled his broadband contract.He was not immediately able to return some equipment, so he was written…

Tips for Paying Off Credit Cards and Other Debts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A particular crisis has led to extraordinary emergency relief options for borrowers. Interest and payments are on hold for federal student loans. Homeowners can request a deferment of payment for almost a year. Credit card issuers and other lenders have drastically expanded hardship programs.Still, many Americans say they got into more debt last year because of the pandemic, according to NerdWallet's Household Debt Survey.If you're one of them, or if you have another household debt that has been put on hold, you may not want to rush to repay that money, even if you can. The COVID-19 crisis and its…

Some Whole Foods customers get $ 50 Amazon credit after purchasing a turkey that didn’t meet the company’s “ quality standards ”

Whole Foods and Amazon emailed customers in some Southern states saying the turkey they bought may not meet "quality standards." While the turkeys are still safe to eat, customers will receive a $ 50 Amazon gift card credited to their account. Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories. Whole Foods sent an email to customers in several southern states on Thursday morning explaining that they had purchased a turkey that may not meet the company's "quality standards". The email "stressed that there was no known food safety or health risk in any of the turkeys" according to CNN Business.In…

Know These 8 Things Before You Get a Business Credit Card | Nav

Advertiser and Editorial DisclosureWe regularly get questions about how to get a business credit card and whether it fits better than a personal credit card. They look the same, swipe the same, and may even offer similar conditions and rewards as personal credit cards, but business credit cards there are a few distinct differences that a new business owner looking for a credit card could stumble upon. You are 3x more likely to be approved for a business credit card with MatchFactor.Instantly view your best business loan and credit card options based on your business needs with Nav's MatchFactor. Get…

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