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(***)How To Get A Car Insurance Quote Before Buying A Car

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Best Auto Insurance in Michigan 2021 | Bank interest

As of 2018, Michigan was over 227.5 million licensed drivers on the roadAccording to the Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS)Michigan had 9.7 deaths from car accidents per 100,000 residents in 2018. Because Michigan has a large number of licensed drivers, residents have many options for selecting auto insurance. If you're already subscribed to an insurance policy, but aren't happy with your current rate, there are other Michigan auto insurance companies that may offer a better quote or the additional coverage you want.Best Auto Insurance Companies in MichiganBased on the JD Power score and affordability, these insurance companies made the list…

DA: A fake insurance company targeted more than 120 victims of the Spanish immigrant community – Riverhead News Review

Prosecutor Tim Sini at a press conference in 2018. (photo file) A Riverhead man was one of five people arrested in connection with an alleged plan to sell fraudulent auto insurance to people in the Spanish immigrant community, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. More than 120 victims of the scheme were led to believe they were buying auto insurance through "Protect Auto Insurance Company," while instead losing thousands of dollars to "greedy, evil actors preying on vulnerable individuals," prosecutor said Timothy Sini. Mr Sini said that potentially hundreds of Suffolk County residents could get caught up in…

When to discontinue full auto insurance coverage

If you no longer want to pay for full-coverage auto insurance, you may not have a choice, depending on whether or not you own the vehicle. Can I cancel the full-coverage car insurance? If you are still financing your vehicle, you must have full coverage auto insurance. This is a requirement of your car loan as they still technically own the vehicle until you pay it off in full. If you drop your auto insurance while still financing your vehicle, you are going against your loan contract. Your lender can take back or add your car forced car insurance and…

Top Reasons Auto Insurance Companies Investigate Claims Before Reimbursing Policyholders

“To avoid paying too much for a claim, auto insurance companies will investigate every request. The loss adjuster ensures that the customer gets exactly how much he needs and eliminates the risk of insurance fraud, ”said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of IMC Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 21, 2020 Insurance companies will do their own research before paying their customers' claims. They do this to prevent insurance fraud or because they don't want to pay for losses if they don't have to. Drivers making a claim should know the following: Drivers have to deal with a claims adjuster. Insurers send…

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