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The change to the Michigan auto insurance law allows consumers to reduce medical coverage

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jill Adams is an insurance agent with Blue Water Insurance. An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the title of her post.Ed Mainguy, a resident of Emmett Township, was just a mile from home when a deer ran in front of his car and caused a catastrophic injury that drastically changed his life. His auto insurance provided unlimited medical coverage that paid for the costs of his rehab. But with changes to Michigan's auto insurance law, which went into effect July 1, Michiganders can now choose to limit the amount of medical care their insurance will cover…

Wyoming has the cheapest auto insurance in the US, according to recent research

Given that Wyoming has repeatedly topped the list when it comes to the most dangerous states to drive into, based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it may be surprising to learn that this is also the state with the cheapest auto insurance policy . According to a Feb. 10 survey by WalletHub, Wyoming is the least expensive state for basic auto insurance, with an annual premium of about $ 274 for the minimum required. Wyoming tops the list for cheapest state to buy auto insurance, according to a 2021 WalletHub survey (graphic courtesy WalletHub)The survey was…

TD Insurance launches online insurance platform

In line with today's stay-at-home economy - and to provide customers with an easy insurance option - TD Insurance has launched its own national 'buy online' platform, allowing Canadians to purchase home and auto insurance policies through their PC or mobile at home. appliances. In a press release, TD Insurance announced that it is "the first insurance group in Canada to offer this type of online service nationally". The company also said the new platform will allow customers to easily research and purchase a home (including condo and renter insurance) and auto insurance direct from TD Insurance's website (if they…

Bill Rowe: Now is the time to fix the broken state unemployment insurance system

The following seven recommended changes to state unemployment insurance laws would help address these issues and return the state to national averages in several key metrics:Increase the maximum duration to receive benefits, as Georgia and Michigan have recently done, up to 26 weeks, as most states.Increase the maximum benefit amount, Putting more money in workers' pockets after March 14, 2021, when the $ 300 federal surcharge expires - North Carolina set its maximum benefit at $ 350 in 2013. It was not indexed, as other states dictate, to pass of time. Before 2013, the maximum weekly benefit amounted to 66.75%…

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