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How demand for new credit cards plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic

Cash use has fallen much lower due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it appears that credit cards may also be showing signs of abandonment. Consumers are calling back on applying for credit cards and cutting their balances, possibly because there are fewer options to spend, but perhaps also in case there is a stronger economic downturn later this year or next year. Meanwhile, card issuers are bracing for a potential financial storm as a wave of mass layoffs looms on the horizon, especially in the aviation, hotel and other industries. As a result, some card issuers are looking at their…

Point wants to offer credit card rewards with debit cards – TechCrunch

Point, a new challenger bank in the US, is launching publicly today with an invite system. While Point technically offers a bank account, the company focuses on rewards tied to a debit card. “I started Point as a solution to everything frustrating and complicated about credit cards. The incentives between credit card companies and cardholders are not well matched, ”said Patrick Mrozowski, Co-founder and CEO of Point. When Mrozowski first got a credit card, he spent a lot of money to reach a certain spending level and clear the sign-up bonus. At the end of the month, he ended up…

The Best Cash Back Credit Cards of February 2021

{"align": "", "className": "", "imageURL": "https: / / cdn.comparecards.com / uploads / images / items /4224.jpg", "name" : "Capital One Spark Cash for Business"} Capital One Spark Cash for BusinessEnterprisesExcellent / good {"color": "primary", "disclaimers":["On Capital One's Secure Website"], "icon": "lock", "label": "Apply now", "link": " / credit-cards / redirect / 416? url = _best-cash-back-credit-cards", "name ":" Capital One Spark Cash for Business "} Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit cardGasExcellentRead review {"align": "", "className": "", "imageURL": "https: / / cdn.comparecards.com / uploads / images / items /4518.png", "name" : "Petal u00ae 2 cash back, no fees Visa u00ae credit…

3 Risks of Relying on Credit Cards for Balance Transfer

Wire transfer cards can be big savings, but there are some potential pitfalls to consider. iStockCredit cards can help improve your credit and can give consumers purchasing power. But if you find yourself in a place where you've accumulated a balance and can't pay it off quickly, take a credit card balance transfer can give you some breathing room.Balance transfer credit cards offer a low or even 0% APR Promotion, which can make it easier to pay off your credit card debt and save money on the go. Credible can give you a complete listing of the balance transfer credit…

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