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Dota 2 Caster and Streamer Ashley Wong jailed for credit card fraud

Singaporean Dota 2 caster and streamer Ashley Rita Wong Kai Lin was jailed for credit card fraud. The esports caster is said to have used her friends' bank card details to conduct unauthorized transactions. The transactions in question totaled about $ 2,000 within three months in 2016. Wong apparently memorized the card numbers before executing the kill.CAUGHT IN THE ACT[embed][/embed]Ashley Wong, also a former Miss Universe contestant, rose to fame as Shoutcaster and Streamer for Dota 2. She manned analyst desks for multiple past small-scale tournaments and esports events. In addition, Wong flew to international events several times to serve…

FTC Settles With Companies That Charged Consumers To Open Credit Cards To Pay For Training Programs | Lexology

On January 29, the FTC announced a settlement with two Nevada companies and two individuals (collectively "defendants") resolving allegations that defendants violated the FTC Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Credit Repair Organizations Act, and the Consumer Review Fairness Act by consuming thousands of dollars charge to apply for numerous personal credit cards to pay for real estate investment training programs offered by other companies. According to the complaint, the apprenticeships (many of which, the FTC claims, have been the subject of FTC enforcement action to conduct deceptive training programs) the defendants' funding services for individuals wishing to participate in…

4 important reasons for good credit

Having good credit is important for more reasons than you might think!Getting a good credit score requires some hard work and discipline. You should avoid high credit card balances, don't open too many credit cards or take out too many loans at once, and pay your bills on time.It may seem like a lot of effort, but by practicing responsible borrowing, you will get the best credit score you can get. Here is an overview of four main reasons for good credit.1. It affects your ability to borrowYour credit score is one of the most important factors when lenders are…

Citi is responsible for 37% of the credit card complaints related to the corona virus

Citi C. responsible for nearly 37% of pandemic-related credit card complaints to regulators between March 16 and May 20, according to an analysis by Consumer Reports.Borrowers complained about a variety of aspects - from inflexible late fees and interest charges to refusals to provide assistance to those with financial difficulties."Citibank's practices are particularly blatant at a time of severe hardship when so many families have been pushed over the edge financially," said Syed Ejaz, policy analyst at Consumer Reports. With 55 million accounts, Citi calls itself the world's largest credit card companyIt offers frequent flyer credit cards American Airlines AAL…

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