For the second time in just one year, the House brought impeachment charges against Trump to the Senate.

For the second time in just one year, the House put Donald J. on trial on Monday. Sent an article of impeachment against Trump, who handed over his political fortune to the hands of 50 Republican senators, who now appear reluctant to indict him.

In a day marked by substance-over-ceremony, nine House managers walked into the Capitol to inform the Senate that they were ready to sue Mr. Trump for “inciting rebellion,” the former president’s stir The charges, later approved on a bipartisan basis, rocked the Capitol earlier this month. But the senators planned to pause as quickly as possible, halting the trial of the trial until February 9, and buying time for Republicans to prepare for an action that would be as much a referendum on the future of their party as Mr. Trump will be on. .

Contrary to Mr. Trump’s final impeachment, when Republicans quickly and enthusiastically followed him, several Republican, minority leaders, including Kentucky’s Senator Mitch McConnell, have indicated that they would see the former president post his election loss following an election campaign Are open to plead guilty to overturning. Changed deadly. This would prevent the Senate from holding office again. But at least after the trial began, their number fell far short of the 17 Republicans who would need to join the Democrats to get the sentence.

Instead, with the lawsuit on hold, Republicans expressed indignation about the Jan. 6 attack, showing the way to cold political calculations about the price they could pay to leave Mr. Trump, on voters Given his continued grip, which includes the party Aadhaar.

a Survey by New York Times On the eve of the trial it was found that 27 Republican senators had protested at accusing Mr. Trump or otherwise being held accountable by impeachment. Sixteen Republics indicated they were undecided, and seven had no response. Instead of defending Mr. Trump most people backed down on process-based objections, protesting sharply.

President Biden, A. Interview with cnn On Monday, he said that while he felt the trial was necessary, he did not believe that 17 Republican senators would vote to convict Mr. Trump.

“It has changed since I went there, but it hasn’t changed that much,” said Mr. Biden.

Carrying a thin blue envelope withstood the charge of impeachment, House managers led by Maryland representative Jamie Ruskin walked through a capitol where memories of the January 6 siege were still fresh. They started in the House Chamber, where MPs ducked for cover and donated gas masks as rioters tried to force their way into them; The office suit of previous speaker Nancy Pelosi, which was torn down by the crowd; Through the rotunda, where the officers fired tear gas, as they lost control of the throne; And in the well of the Senate chamber, where the invaders gathered in Trump gear and forced the Vice President and Senators to take a photo before the gathering took place.

After a full reading of the charge by Mr. Ruskin, the managers left. The Senate planned to convene at 2:30 pm on Tuesday to issue summonses to Mr. Trump to answer the charge, and to formally agree to a trial for the coming weeks.

Senator will also take oath Oath of a special impeachment Dating to the 18th century “fair justice.”

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