City of Palestine: Water treatment plant closed from Saturday 9 pm to Sunday 12 noon

Update water city Palestine:

“As you all know, we have worked hard to fill our storage tanks so that we have enough pressure to pump water to all residents in our city of Palestine. Unfortunately, even with the much appreciated help of our residents, we are unable to isolate the problem of our water distribution.

You are our priority, and we explore every way to restore water in our city; that’s why this is our next plan.

The water treatment plant has two 1 million gallon tanks that distribute water to meet the water needs of the city of Palestine. To sustain this demand, the City of Palestine is filling both water storage tanks to their maximum capacity.

To achieve this, the pumps in the water treatment plant will shut down at 9:00 pm tonight and no water will be sent from the water treatment plant to the city between 9:00 pm this evening and possibly tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 21 February 2021.

This allows the water treatment plant of the city of Palestine to fill the two 1 million gallon tanks in the water treatment plant. In addition, this should restore the volume of the remaining tanks and enable us to meet the demands of restoring normal operating pressure to meet the residential and business needs of the city of Palestine.

We believe this will make a difference and have planned it to have minimal impact on your daily life given this unprecedented situation we are all going through.

We ask you to be patient. Remember that you are our priority and our crews are working around the clock to serve you.

We will update you as soon as we have new, relevant information. “

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