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Netflix viewers search for love, soaring baking shows and foreign language dramas as streamer reveals what was watched in 2020

Netflix has revealed some color about the viewing habits of its subscribers in 2020. The streamer saw dramas in foreign languages, such as that of Spain The platform and Germany Barbarians boom, romantic titles doubled in popularity and action titles like Extraction and Cobra Kai flexed their muscles over the last twelve. Some of the most interesting data provided by Netflix as part of the What We Watched 2020 report was about the pandemic and the civil unrest over the summer. In March, as Covid-19 began to devastate the world outside of China, viewers were looking for homemade baking shows…

The woman is stunned to realize that Sir Paul McCartney has photographed her

I saw HIM standing there! Beatles fan was stunned to discover she had accidentally recreated the Abbey Road cover when Sir Paul McCartney PHOTOBOMBED her photo in New York.Mae Archie of New York claimed Sir Paul McCartney photo-bombed herShe explained on TikTok that she had stopped to pose for a photo on a pedestrian crossingBut she said she didn't realize the Beatles star was walking right past herMae said she didn't notice he was apparently in the picture until she got home Through Kate Dennett for Mailonline Published: 9:37 AM EST, Jan. 26, 2021 | Updated: 2:50 PM EST, Jan.…

Pharoahe Monch / Th1rt3eN: A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism

Since emerging from South Jamaica, Queens as one-half of Organized Konfusion in the late 1980s, Troy Jamerson has adhered closely to a recipe of complex rhyme patterns, intelligent social observation, and an almost total lack of commercial compromise. For his tenacity, he is rewarded with a dedicated fan base and the label 'underrated', which sticks to him like spray paint on a wall. His audience will always be extraordinarily loyal, so Monch's first album in seven years - and the first real hit in reproving recent American nightmares - is a tempting prospect. What he delivers is a strange and…

Netflix’s new Spanish action movie ‘Below Zero’ is a brutal, cold-blooded thriller

Whether it is The refugee, Con Air, or Fast fiveprisoner transportation is arguably the task with the worst success-failure ratio in all action movies. Anytime a group of inmates is placed in a large vehicle (the more boxy and state-of-the-art, the better), you can guarantee that something excruciatingly exciting is about to happen. Below zero, the latest foreign-language title to climb to the top of Netflix Top 10 chart, is a particularly gruesome example of what the "transfer-going-wrong" genre has to offer, a close-quarters thriller that works best when it limits its characters to the smallest possible space. While the…

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