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Some Republicans rationalized their accommodation on the completely unreasonable hope that Mr. Trump - in his 70s, surrounded by swords and in possession of unmatched power - would change habits of a lifetime. Still others convinced themselves that they would tolerate that Mr. Trump did...

Capitol storm A failed rebellion took place on January 6 by a crowd of Donald Trump supporters. But for far-right extremists, including anti-government militias, white supremacists and violent conspiracy theorists,.

After Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (not on election night, but a few days later, when it seemed obvious that the win was real) my oldest daughter, now a teenager, came out of her bedroom and danced wildly in our living room Lagi, even without...

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Opinion What happens when you click ‘Agree’?

Technology companies will insist that none of their policies are mandatory - if customers don't want to accept them, they can close their accounts or decline to sign up for the first time. But many companies have made their services so essential that exiting is not a possible option, and customers are often presented with new terms at which time they most need to use the service. Notice how difficult it will be Avoid signing up for any one Google product, If you are alone to retrieve saved emails or photos, if the account is to be closed quickly.The foundation…

Opinion Biden’s 100-Day List

The first day. Do a little danceSecond day. Cancel keystone xl pipeline permitday 3. Clean the bed thoroughlyDay 4 Apply that mask to federal propertyDay 5 To stareDay 6 Increase countrywide ban on home eviction and foreclosureDay 7 Wednesday!Day 8 Launch "Real Joe Biden" Twitter AccountDay 4 Tweet once. Forgot how you are logged in.Day 10 Make a broad egg sandwich. Send a picture to Barack.Day 11 Drought ends JanuaryDay 12 Used to run like a billDay 13 Talk with groundhogDay 14 Pledge to vaccinate every AmericanDay 15 Change White House Wi-Fi Password to BigJouseDay 16. "Perfect Muffin" BakeDay 17…

Opinion The ‘Muslim ban’ is over. The Harm Leaves On.

In the fiscal year ended September 30, the United States welcomed just 11,814 refugees, 2016 compared to 85,000 in last year of Obama administration, And the modern American resettlement plan was the lowest since the 1980s. Poll suit What should the Biden administration and a Democratic-controlled Congress prioritize? Ezra Klein, Opinion columnist, argues that Biden and Democrats should work bIs old, And frankly, to help Americans in need: "You don't get voters re-elected for things you don't know." Claudia Sahm, An economist, writes that Biden's excitement plan Should be open ended and Americans deserve "peace of mind knowing that relief…

Opinion We have to make the Republican Party less dangerous

Opinion  We have to make the Republican Party less dangerous

This is not a new insight, but it is worth repeating the same to all, especially in light of President Biden's inaugural call for unity, decency, and common good. In 2021, the Republican Party is a party overall near its most radical elements, a party that primarily - as we just saw a few weeks ago - does not accept that it can lose the election and reverse the outcome. Or wants to represent it. When it does. It propagates false allegations of voter fraud and then uses those allegations to justify voter suppression and dissolution. It feeds lies to…

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