Brave TV Reporter Lara Logan Reveals She Had a Panic Attack After Breast Cancer Treatment and Struggles With Anxiety About Cancer Recurrence | SurvivorNet

Lara Logan survived cancer and abuse

  • Former CBS correspondent Lara Logan, 49, tells SurvivorNet that she had a panic attack after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.
  • Logan, who now hosts Lara Logan has no agenda on Fox Nation, says she’s deeply concerned about the possibility of her cancer coming back.
  • Logan gives SurvivorNet a vivid description of her attack and battle against breast cancer – and what helped her through it.

In an extensive interview with SurvivorNet, reporter Lara Logan, 49, reveals for the first time that she had a panic attack shortly after being diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, one of many challenges she has faced – and overcome.

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‘I just wanted to break up. And I felt like no one could see and no one could see me and no one understood, ”says Logan SurvivorNet‘I ran out into the street, straight into the street, and I don’t even remember what happened next. I’ve never done anything like this, and since then. “

Lara Logan attends the 33rd Annual American Women In Radio & Television Gracie Allen Awards.

Logan had faced extreme adversity before. The year before her diagnosis, in 2011, she had been publicly raped and assaulted in Egypt while covering the resignation of then President Hosni Mubarak during the Arab Spring. The trauma of that gruesome experience weighed on Logan and even made her question her own identity.

‘I always thought I was a Charlie’s Angel, maybe in the back of my mind. I was like a superhero. And, and I was faced with the very cold, harsh reality that I had lost complete control over what had happened to me. “

With incredible courage, Logan faced cancer, just as she faced the dangers of reporting overseas, refused to take down the forces that opposed her, and fought for the family she loved so much.

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But through it all, Logan showed incredible courage, always standing up to fight for what – and who – she loved. Even after facing breast cancer and a horrific attack, she remains proud of herself, her femininity, and her contributions to the world.

She recalls saying during a speech, “My name is Lara Logan. I have large breasts and I like it. And everyone laughed and it’s funny, but you know what, it’s the rebel in me too, and that fire, and that independent spirit and that thing called freedom, because you’re not going to take anything away from who I am. “

‘I’m not going to apologize for who I am. I’m not going to apologize for being feminine or a feminine woman in a war zone or whatever you want to see. “

Lara Logan accepts award presented by The Alliance for Women in Media.

Logan’s incredible resilience

Logan’s fire burns as brightly today as it did when she started her career more than three decades ago.

From the moment she started reporting on her ongoing quest for the truth, she has been remarkably courageous and resilient in the light of all the life that has thrown her at her and has never hidden from the eyes of the world who she used to be.

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Logan reports in Iraq.

Logan started her reporting career in her native South Africa when she was just 17, and has spent most of her career as a foreign correspondent covering the latest news in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It was in the last place that Logan really made a name for himself. In 2002 she became a correspondent for CBS on conflicts in the Middle East.

In 2011, as unrest spread across the Middle East in what became known as the Arab Spring, Logan traveled to Egypt to report on the widespread anti-government protests against the Mubarak regime. After being arrested and detained with her crew, Logan reported on the meeting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after President Mubarak’s resignation.

The Tahrir Square protests the night Logan was attacked.

Here Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob of hundreds of protesters, whose horrific cruelty made her think she was going to die.

“This is it: it is really over. You will really die. And it was so hard to breathe. You know, there were so many of them and physically it was just, I just got torn apart internally and externally. So I looked, I kind of accepted the fact that I was dead, ”says Logan. “My dignity, the sanctity of my body and my person, all that was long gone.”

But even after this unimaginable trauma, Logan decided she was going to help others who had been through the same thing. Rather than being ashamed or hiding what had happened, she became a powerful voice speaking about sex crimes in Egypt and the threats facing female reporters in the field. Through it all, she proved she wouldn’t be stopped.

Logan reports in a tank in Iraq.

“I made a decision not to hide it, which was a very comfortable decision for me … I wanted everyone at work to know that I was still able to do the very dangerous and difficult stories that I would do.”

Fight cancer

Just over a year later, Logan found a lump in her breast.

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“I thought, ‘Hmm, I don’t remember being there before.’ And that was the beginning. “

Her doctors later discovered that the lump was cancerous, and after genetic testing, she was diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive (ER +) stage two breast cancer in 2012. After going through so much, Logan says. SurvivorNet that she had never panicked as much as she was then.

“I panicked and I never knew what panic felt like. Because I’ve never panicked before. I didn’t know what that feeling was. And it was awful. And I fell into an abyss of the unknown about something that I had known all my life. And that was when the reality hit me, that you hear about cancer. You think, you know about cancer, it’s all around you, and yet, you know, nothing. I didn’t know anything. “

Introduction to early stage breast cancer

Noticing the disease early, Logan was able to get a lumpectomy who removed the tumor while letting her hold her breast. After surgery she was treated with radiation in Washington, DC

With incredible courageLogan faced cancer, just as she had the dangers of reporting abroad, the forces that opposed her refused to take her down and fight for the family she loved so much.

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“I was so grateful that I was living that what they were doing to me really pale in comparison. Because what I have is much more powerful to believe in, which is life and love, the love I have for my children and everything they are to me and to the world. “

Lara with husband Joseph Burkett and children.

What is ER + Breast Cancer?

Logan’s specific diagnosis was estrogen receptor positive (ER2) stage two breast cancer. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor will check if your cancer cells have certain genetic characteristics, such as estrogen or HER2 receptors, to determine your ideal course of treatment.

Dr. Elizabeth Comen, a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, previously explained why these receptors are important.

“What this tells us is that if some women have the estrogen receptor or the progesterone receptor on the outside of their cancer cells, it tells us that some of these cancers required estrogen, that hormone needed to grow, and that’s going to be very important to how we think about coping with breast cancer. “

The unique features of breast cancer: choosing the right treatment

For ER + breast cancer, this means that estrogen, a natural hormone in your body, feeds the growth of cancer cells. Using this information, doctors will often prescribe medications that interfere with your estrogen’s ability to stimulate this growth.

Fear that cancer will return

Logan also revealed that eight years after her battle with breast cancer, she could one day get cancer again. This is a common fear that many people have.

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Unfortunately, about 5.4% of women who receive treatment for breast cancer are later diagnosed with another cancer, unrelated to the first, known as a second cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, while other types of breast cancer are the most common, these women are also at higher risk of developing cancer of the stomach, colon, ovary or esophagus.

Logan explains SurvivorNet that it is this fear that cancer could strike again after all that she has been through that worries her most.

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“I don’t want to make it a problem because it may not be cancer, but you always live with it in the back of your mind.”

Many survivors share Logan’s fear that they will have to fight cancer again. CC Webster, who survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma, told me SurvivorNet in a previous interview, “In the post-cancer life, I experienced a whole new level of anxiety that I didn’t know existed

But you don’t have to consume fear. Regular checkups with your medical team and healthy lifestyle choices can reduce your risk of getting cancer. The fear may always be there, but courage can help you stare it down and put it in place.

“If you’re brave enough to face fear, worry, or anxiety,” Webster said, “it goes away.”

“It’s okay that life doesn’t go according to plan”: CC Webster turned to writing when cancer turned her world upside down

Learn more about SurvivorNet’s rigorous medical assessment process.

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