Boss Moves: Inside Rihanna’s Business Queendom

Boss Moves: Inside Rihanna’s Business Queendom

Rihanna is one of the richest women in the world. Here’s how she climbed – and stays – at the top.

Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty is not apologetic in her artistry and company. She is known for taking risks and making bold statements that have increased the way celebrities can use their influence to be a voice for their fans and show the beauty and fashion industry changing their standards. Be here the receipts about how this multi-link star stands in its truth.

One of the richest female musicians.

The versatile mogul continues to rank high on celebrity earnings. Her beauty and lingerie stores will continue to exist its at the top which brings her net worth to $ 600 million and the bottom line.

Uses social media for social well-being

With over 100 million followers on social media around the world, Rihanna is actively drawing attention to amplify issues worldwide by tweeting an article about the protest of New Delhi farmers to act in an alliance against the anti-LGBTQ policy of the Russian government during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. When it comes to Black lives, she has used her social media to draw attention to how much they matter in the US and abroad through tweets about the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to #ENDSARS Nigeria and support for the Sudanese protests.

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Its businesses are transformative and inclusive.

When Rihanna decided to expand her brand in beauty and fashion, she planned to be inclusive. The Unfaithful singer set an unprecedented standard in the beauty industry. She launched Fenty beauty in 2017 with 40 foundation shades, with other major beauty brands following after seeing the success of the diversity in its collection.

Her intimate clothing line Savage x Fenty, which includes gender-inclusive items and full sizes, generated $ 100 million in sales in the first 40 days after launch. Whether you’ve heard it on social media or streamed it on your television, the reach of her Amazon Original lingerie show proves that Rihanna sees no limit in her targeted consumer audience.


She navigates ownership just like the rest of us.

The “Work” singer is a boss in her own right, but she does her best to help other black women build their own empires, as well as hers. She invests in black women’s companies such as the allergy friendly Participate in food. Although she and luxury house LVMH have decided to pause Fenty Fashion, the mogul has received $ 115 million in new funding for Savage x Fenty.

Entrepreneur / musician @Rihanna is an important force in all industries! We’ve pulled the receipts on her boss’s moves on culture, business, and more. Tap in for the total. #ESSENCE

– ESSENCE (@Essence) February 18, 2021

Her humanitarian work is impressive and willful

Named Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year 2017, Rihanna is proud to use her wealth and influence to help others. In 2012 she founded it Clara Lionel Foundation to support global emergency relief programs and fund early childhood education in parts of Africa and the West Indies. The organization has provided scholarships to Caribbean students attending US colleges and built cancer screening and treatment centers in Barbados.

Last year, the foundation donated $ 5 million COVID-19 Lighting. She has also been donated to Black Lives Matter’s New York Chapter and the Bail Project, a national rolling fund to combat racial inequalities in the bail system. In addition to her foundation work, she is also an ambassador for Barbados and the Global Partnership For Education.

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