Adrien Broner makes unanimous decision about Jovanie Santiago …

Comeback complete ✅#BronerSantiago

NEXT FIGHT: Former WBC Super Middleweight Champion @BuienRadarNL assumes @Royal house in a week on Saturday, February 27 @FOXTV at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. #DirrellDavis #PBConFOX


NEXT FIGHT: Former WBC Super Middleweight Champion @BuienRadarNL assumes @Royal house in a week on Saturday, February 27 @FOXTV at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. #PlantTruax #PBConFOX


Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🍾@AdrienBroner #BronerSantiago

@RobertEaster_Jr sharp shit smart boxing!

Broner tells it like it is, as always, and Jovanie Santiago is a class act in his post-fight interview. No excuses, I just said it was a great fight. From the start to the end, great boxing night. #BronerSantiago #PBConShowtime

On his return to the ring after 2 years, @AdrienBroner defeats Jovanie Santiago by UD and scored 115-112, 116-111, 117-110.

Who do you want to see 🆎 on the right with the next one? #BronerSantiago #PBConShowtime

@AdrienBroner wins his fight back by unanimous decision. #BronerSantiago

Scorecards: 115-112, 116-111, 117-110 for Adrien Broner.

Punch Stats: Broner 98 of 338 for 29 percent; Santiago 207 of 697 for 30 percent.

It’s up to the judges. #BronerSantiago #PBConShowtime

R12: Give Santiago the head start for activity along the track, 10-9.

Who do you think won the fight 🤔 #BronerSantiago

R12: Santiago gets to the body quite late.

ROUND 12: Santiago wants to squeeze and penetrate Broner, but AB holds him nicely.

#BronerSantiago goes to the 12th and last‼ ️

Santiago’s corner tells him he needs a knockout before the start of the final round.

#BronerSantiago goes to the 12th and last‼ ️

R11: Well round for AB, 10-9.

How did you score? #BronerSantiago go to RD12?

R11: Good defense now from Broner to avoid jabs. He’s totally woken up and he looks great. You couldn’t have said that before.

ROUND 11: Good, hard pricks from Broner early. He’s much sharper and catches Santiago. This is the AB in terms of activity it must be for all 12 rounds to beat the elite league.

R10: Good workmanship to Broner, 10-9.

ROUND 10: Check if Broner Santiago’s left hook catches up again. AB has woken up and he is doing enough to win these rounds.

R9: Clean powerful shots late from Broner. Well rounded when he cut Santiago’s left eye. 10-9 AB.

Broner arrives in R9. He’s in a nice groove and lands the harder shots.

ROUND 9: Broner is really starting to establish himself as the bigger puncher. Mercante says he should stop talking and “act like a champ.” But Broner lets his hands go nicely.

Did Santiago’s glove touch the mat? #BronerSantiago #PBConShowtime

R8: Nice finish from Broner with power shots to take the round, 10-9.

R8: Santiago’s lead 1-2 combo lands clean. Broner lands a left hook and Santiago almost slid to his knee from the impact.

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